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General Questions

Is Need by Need an IRS designated 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization?
Yes, Need by Need, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Tax ID Number is 26-1306703.
Are donations to Need by Need tax deductible?
Donations to Need by Need are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Need by Need is recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Does Need by Need have any paid staff?
Need by Need is a 100% volunteer organization. From the board President to the newest volunteer, everyone is unpaid and freely giving their time to help nonprofit organizations with their digital needs.
Where are you located?
Need by Need was incorporated in the state of Missouri. However, as a digital-first organization, our board of directors and volunteers are located across the United States.
Who founded Need by Need?
Jonathan Williams founded Need by Need, Inc. in September 2007 and is the current President. He felt this was one way that he could help out small nonprofit organizations with specific needs AND connect them with a larger network of people to help. Since then, Need by Need has evolved to focus on creating a community of volunteer digital marketers helping fulfill nonprofit digital needs.

Volunteer Questions

Do I have to be a digital marketer to volunteer?
Not at all! We welcome anyone who has a passion for helping nonprofits and is willing to learn how to either operate the various digital platforms we use or wants to write advertising copy for the search ads.
What sort of time commitment is volunteering?
As with most nonprofit volunteer opportunities, we want to make sure we work around your schedule and availability. With the majority of our work not time sensitive, you have the flexibility to help out whenever it fits your schedule, be it early in the morning, late at night or anytime in between!
What nonprofits could I help with?

You can get a good idea of the nonprofits we help by visiting this Nonprofit Partner page. However, that might not be representative of all the nonprofits we help. After filling out this form, our team will get in contact with you to learn more about you and share all the volunteer opportunities.

Nonprofit Questions

Does Need by Need charge nonprofits for their help? Are there any hidden fees later on?
No, the volunteer services we provide are completely free of charge, with no hidden fees.
Why do Need by Need’s volunteers provide this service for free?
We’re a community of volunteer digital marketers. We all have skills that can have a significant impact on the nonprofits we help. We want to use our expertise to help nonprofits who may not receive this sort of digital help otherwise.
Is our nonprofit stuck using Need by Need for our Google Ad Grant forever?
No. If you ever want someone else to take care of your Google Ad Grant, we can quickly transfer ownership to them, no strings attached.
Is our nonprofit still in control of my accounts (Google For Nonprofits, Google Ad Grant, Google Analytics, etc.)?
Yes, we can make sure you still maintain direct control and access to your account. We will just have access to your nonprofit’s accounts as well to provide the volunteer services outlined here.
Does our nonprofit get to review any new ads before they go live?
Yes, before any new ads go live, you will have a chance to review, edit, and approve them.
Why does Need by Need require access to our nonprofit’s TechSoup.org account?
The Google for Nonprofits program uses TechSoup to verify your nonprofit’s 501(c)(3) status, and TechSoup only allows one account per nonprofit organization. Therefore, if your organization already has a TechSoup account, we will need to be added to it to complete the Google for Nonprofits application.
Why does Need by Need require access to our nonprofit’s Google Analytics?
Once we have set up your Google Ads account for your Google Ad Grant, we will connect it to your Google Analytics account. This will provide two things: 1) Additional information on the visitors to your website from your Google Search Ads and 2) give us other ways to optimize your ads that should help us better utilize the Ad Grant.
Why does Need by Need require access to our nonprofit’s Google Search Console?
Google Search Console gives us a peek into what people are organically searching when they visit your website through Google’s search results. Those keywords, phrases, and questions can help give us additional ideas for ads or ad campaigns we can run.
Does Need by Need guarantee that our ads won’t get rejected or account won’t get suspended?
While our team strives to stay up to date with all of Google’s compliance policies, there may be times that Google will either reject individual pieces of advertising creative OR have the whole account suspended until changes are made. Either of these issues can be remedied by making the recommended changes and submitting a request for approval. The Need by Need team can help in that process.
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