Google Ad Grants Sign-Up Just Got Easier!

by | Feb 22, 2024

Great news for non-profits! Google has made it simpler to apply for Ad Grants. No more filling out long surveys. Here’s what you need to know about the new process:

What’s Changed?

Before, you had to complete a survey and quiz, then wait for a review. Now, it’s just three steps:
1. Enter your website domain.
2. Watch a short video.
3. Submit your application.

Approval may still take a few days but we have received approval and access to our Ad Grant Account in less than 12 hours. This means you can start your ad campaigns faster and make a bigger impact with less hassle.

Why It Matters

  • Faster Access: Get started on your campaigns right away.
  • Easier Process: No more complicated surveys; just a simple form and video.
  • More Impact: With quicker setup, you can focus on what’s important—your mission.

How to Apply

  1.  Make sure your website meets Google’s requirements.
  2. Go to the Google for Nonprofits sign-up page, enter your domain, and watch the video.
  3. Submit your application for review.

Need Help?

At Need by Need, we’re here to assist you with setting up your Google Ad Grants and maximizing your ad campaigns. Reach out if you need help!

Google’s update is a big win for non-profits looking to boost their online presence quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your impact with Google Ad Grants.


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