Facebook’s Workplace for Good Just Added More Benefits For Nonprofits

by | Nov 3, 2021

Facebook recently announced that they are allowing nonprofits to create multiple Workplaces for Good for free. Now Workplace for Good Facebook’s nonprofit version of their Facebook Workplace intranet program.

Workplace for Good allows organizations, companies, and nonprofits to add their employees, volunteers, and anybody else to a “Workplace” where people can communicate, get company updates and communicate in Groups. Think about Facebook Workplace as your organization creating its own mini Facebook universe just for your company with its employees, volunteers, and contractors as the only members on it.

The Workplace for Good allows nonprofits to add as many employees, volunteers, and contractors to their Workplace for free. Normally, Facebook would charge an organization $4 per person.

This recent announcement allows nonprofits to set up multiple Workplaces for different groups of people within the organization. For example, suppose it makes sense for your organization to keep your volunteers and your employees in different Workplaces (i.e., You don’t need your volunteers getting the latest updates about employee benefits). In that case, this is how you can do this. You’ll be able to set up a Workplace just for your volunteers so they can get volunteer-related communications and your employees in another Workspace, so they get all relevant organization-related communications.

Need your volunteers and employees to communicate easily? Facebook Workplaces allow you to set up multi-company groups where individuals from various Workplaces can connect and share.

Nonprofits are allowed to create up to five different Workplaces for their organization.

And if you click here, you can see the instructions on how to do that.

Overall, if your organization likes to send out notifications to your employees or volunteers, or contractors, Workplace for Good is a great program to utilize, and this new announcement will make it even more beneficial for your team.


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